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True wisdom and true love

What we must cherish more than anything else is the present moment, which never comes again. It is nothing more than to be standing in the stream of life, to be standing in the eternal now, nothing more than not wasting our life trailing behind in the past or anticipating the future. To be standing […]


The world of being

There is a saying: “The soul is reflected in the eyes.” The mind is reflected in the eyes. Do not try to catch anything, do not fix your eyes on anything. This is what is meant by to look inside. There are two ways to look at the world. One is to look outside, to […]


Making Peace

Dear friend, don’t you see this man of the Way,who does not seek the truth,nor flees from delusions? This is the first verse of the Shodoka, the Song of Awakening, written by Master Yoka Daishi. Yoka Daishi gives us a piece of friendly advice. This man of the Way understood that the three poisons – […]


Having few desires

2600 years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha invited his fellow human beings to reconsider their relationship to the world. As he was dying, he gave eight recommendations, called the Eight Satori of the Great Man. The first satori was to have few desires, to be content with the satisfaction of legitimate desires, to be content with very […]

Summer Retreats

The health situation led us to innovate: the usual summer sessions gave way to the “Summer Retreats”. All summer long, everyone could come on the dates that suited them and for the duration they chose. The practice was that of the daily life of the monastery: zazen, teachings – followed by Noble Silence -, activities […]


The absolute political act

To take the right posture, one needs be very delicate, with careful attention, total commitment. To take matters in hand without harming oneself. Some people are casual or arrogant enough to believe that they are beyond this practice. In the end, they neglect the most important thing. To take the right posture of the body-mind, […]


Cooperation with all existences

A baby in its mother’s womb receives its life without making the slightest effort. It receives its mother’s life. Its mother receives the life of the universe. We receive our life from the entire universe at all times. This baby out of the womb receives its mother’s milk. His mother gives him his life, she […]