To all those who wish to do a spiritual retreat this summer.

In order to comply with the health regulations, we had to set up the summer practice in Kanshoji.
The usual sessions (Discovery, Daily Life, Summer Sessions) are replaced from July 10 to the end of August by Practice Retreats (for details, click here).

You will be free to choose your dates and the length of your stay (5 days minimum).
You will practice zazen (meditation) and receive teachings: these will no longer be done by videoconference, but will be given in your presence by the abbot and the different teachers in the strict respect of barrier gestures.
You will be able to meet each other and the people in charge.
You will be able to take part in outdoor work, to walk in nature, to rest.
Because of the distances to be observed, we will not be able to eat all together in the same refectory; if some prefer, they will be able to eat separately.
If you stay longer than fourteen days, you will completely rejoin the daily life of the residents.
If the situation continues to improve, the conditions of our retreats will continue to evolve. We will keep you informed as the situation evolves.

For more information on these spiritual retreats and to register,
please contact the secretariat:,
tel : 05 53 52 06 35.

Next Kanshoji Events


October 2020

from 03
Meeting with Master Taiun (October) 
Taiun JP Faure 
Kanshoji monastery 
from 16
Retreat- Receive the Dharma, Touch the Mind 
Taiun JP Faure 
Kanshoji monastery 

November 2020

from 07
Initiation to the training retreat 
Taiun JP Faure 
Kanshoji monastery 

December 2020

from 08
Buddha's awakening retreat 
Taiun JP Faure 
Kanshoji monastery 
from 30
Winter session 
Taiun JP Faure 
Kanshoji monastery