A spiritual retreat at the heart of the daily life

During this retreat, you will discover Buddha’s teaching through the experience of monastic life.

In the monastery, we pay great attention to others. The Buddha Way teaches how to live at peace with others.

We can only hear well in silence, we can only see well with our eyes of wisdom, our gaze turned inward. That is why we try to protect the silence and maintain a certain restraint in our relationships.

The first 1-2 days are spent in silence and solitude. You will practise zazen several times a day, and outside of those periods, you will be alone with yourself. Afterward, you will join the monks and nuns in the monastery’s activities.

The day usually starts at 5:30 am with zazen. Time is divided between ceremonies, teachings, daily tasks and meetings. The day ends with zazen. Bedtime is at 9:30 pm.

To ensure the quality of your retreat, we ask that you to refrain from using your cellphone or tablet.



Exceptional fare : 102 € for the week (17€ per day)