During these summer retreats, you are invited to take part in the everyday practice of the monastery: meditation, teachings – followed by Noble Silences – and disinterested activity at the service of the community…

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A special attention to new comers

During this summer retreat, special attention is given to participants who are new to the practice, with teachings on the different forms of Sôtô Zen practice and exchanges with the nuns and monks of the monastery.

From 10 July to 18 August 2021, you can register for the dates and the length of time (5 days minimum) that suit you.

Registration: secretariat@kanshoji.org


6.00    Wake up 

6.30    Zazen (meditation)

7.45    Ceremony

8.00    Traditional breakfast

8.45    Activities :

– cleaning of one’s room
– teachings
– outside activities serving the community
– meeting with elder monks and nuns

12.30    Lunch


15.00    Zazen (meditation)

16.00    Free time or activities

18.30    Dinner

20.15    Zazen (meditation)

22.00    Sleep 



Rates for the summer retreat (decrease depending on the duration of the retreat)


tent:                                                    29€ / day

dormitory:                                         35€ / day

room for 2:                                        50€ / day

individual room or as couple:       58€ / day