Kusen from Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure, Abbot of Kanshoji, August 2016

Buddha’s message takes us into tranquillity and puts an end to fear, to existential anxieties.
You are profoundly Buddha. Simply sit in silence and stillness. Do not pay attention to the steam that arises in your mind. Experience this at the most profound level – it’s peace. See for yourself that when the mind is completely open, completely at peace, your consciousness becomes free, your heart unfolds boundlessly in the form of right perceptions and thoughts which respond to the situation in the right way.
Do not worry; constantly return to peace, to your profound mind. Embrace the universe, become one with it, without expecting anything in return, and from there, respond to the cry of the world. Respond wholeheartedly, with all your human capacities. Constantly, return to Buddha, to unity, to the absolute.