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Our vocation as human beings is to be true human beings

Master Kodo Sawaki says: “Our vocation as human beings is to be true human beings. This means that a human being’s vocation is to be Buddha, and not a terribly mean little mushroom.” What Kodo Sawaki means is that human beings’ vocation is not to live like a demon: a demon of hatred, a demon […]

Chôsan on engaged Buddhism

The premise of this chôsan is a film, The Venerable W, about a Burmese monk who encourages racism towards Islam. I have reservations about engaged Buddhism that shifts towards politics. That monk, pointing the finger at crimes committed by radical Muslims, appears to be defending a just and noble cause, but he is motivated by […]

Zen and psychoanalysis

” […] Zen is different: its purpose is not to fix the ego, to make it compatible with society or the others. Zen deals with issues having to do with a whole other nature […]”

Zen monk, bodhisattva : the-vows of the candidate for Awakening (Taiun JP Faure – IZA seminar 2014)

Human beings are religious animals. The Absolute is present at the heart of all phenomena of the universe. The entire universe practises the Way, naturally, unconsciously, and automatically. That gives rise to the question that Master Dogen had before meeting Master Nyojo: “Why practise if everything is Buddha ? “ His doubts resolved, he tells […]