Kusen from Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure, Abbot of Kanshoji, July 2016

Returning to silence is a universal practice: returning to the silence, returning to the original mind.
The silence Buddha talks about is not the silence of the mafia, it is the silence of the sublime solitude where we stop all the internal chat.
Returning to silence is to open our heart to all the existences, opening ourself to the reality that surrounds us, to let ourself grasped by the truth. In this awakened state, even if we are not conscious about it, the universe resonates in us, we are informed of everything. We are firmly, strongly protected by the interior. We don’t seek help from the outside anymore. We cease begging from others. We understand that nothing lacks, that it is enough to open our heart. In buddhism, one speaks of the “ten forces of awakening”; they should not be seeked outside, they raise from our intimate practice.
When we turn ourselves towards the silence, towards our original mind, we are fearless, witout hatred. We can therefore offer to the world, to the others, a beautiful face of clemency , a loving and compassionate heart.