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Yearning for the absolute

Kusen from Taiun JP Faure, Kanshoji, June 2nd, 2018 We secrete thoughts. With those thoughts, we build theories, we adopt beliefs, we cling to superstitions. We have preferences: we like this, we don’t like that. Our life unfolds in this maze of thoughts, mental constructs, beliefs, superstitions, preferences. If we are not careful, this mental […]

Question: What is the “self” D.T. Suzuki refers to?

Complete question: D.T. Suzuki: “By the aid of the Sutras and by enquiring into the doctrines he has come to understand something; he has found the traces. He now knows that things, however multitudinous, are of one substance, and that the objective world is a reflection of the self” (Essays in Zen Buddhism, The Ten […]

What do we do in zazen?

Kusen from Taiun JP Faure – April 2018 The sun shines without ego, the rain falls without ego, the universe turns without ego. The human being, when he lives without ego, is called Buddha. Sitting motionless, breathing coming and going freely, thoughts coming and going freely. That is what we practise in zazen, without seeking to […]

The living human being

Kusen from Taiun JP Faure – Saturday, March 31st, 2018 The Zen masters put in first place the totally living human being, rather than the thinking human being. Master Dôgen writes: “He who has faith in the Buddha Way is convinced that the self is contained in the Way from the beginning.” Those who sit […]


Meetings for the preparation of the future Ojukai ceremonies

Last December, several of us visited the Chuoji monastery in Japan. There we met the Venerable Dônin Minamisawa Roshi, founder of the monastery Kanshoji and supporter of the Ojukai project in Europe. We have started to work with his assistants to prepare the big Ojukai ceremonies, which will take place in Kanshoji June 2019. The […]


The construction of the future house of the abbots

Last summer, we started a new building at Kanshoji: the house of abbots. It is an important place in a monastery since it embodies the spiritual direction and the Dharma transmission over the generations. Following the tradition, this building is located on the highest point of the monastery, up by the dojo in the case […]


Hossenshiki of Kôsen Carole Servan

Hossenshiki, Dharma fight, is a very special moment in the life of monk or nun of the Soto Zen tradition… This ceremony takes place during ango (training period of several months), ango during which the monk or nun holds the function of First of monks*, that is to say the one who, through their practice […]