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Faith: Strength and Wisdom

An authentic and just life requires faith. In Buddhism, faith is not faith in something. It is not faith in beliefs or superstitions. It is not believing that an outside power can save us or solve the problem of life and death for us. We ought to stop living like beggars… Faith is strength and […]

Free of Self

In the morning, when we don the kesa, we bring to mind what our practice is by singing : O great garment of liberation Field of happiness beyond all forms. The kesa represents the Buddha’s teaching, that is, the teaching of the universe. To be clothed in the kesa is to be without separation from […]

The winter ango has started in excellent conditions

The winter ango (training period) started in very good conditions. The Canadian monk, Myoshin Roberto Di Giacomantonio, took up his function as shuso, the first of the monks – the one who guides by his example the 13 other participants. Rev. Chigen Horiguchi is staying with us for two months to support this ango by taking […]

Putting out the fire in our heads

Shakyamuni Buddha already said in his time: The world is in flames. So we must put out the fire in our heads, the flames of passions. In 2002, at a world conference, a head of state said: Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere.  Master Deshimaru told us: You are all crazy. We’re […]

Enjoy life totally

If you want something other than what the sky sends you, you will encounter difficulties. It is the history of humanity. From the moment you don’t know how to deeply appreciate the situation that falls upon you, you search for something else… and you lose your balance. As soon as we think that it is […]

Buddhism discovery weeks in July, August and September

July 6th – 11th or  August 3rd – 8th  or  September 22nd – 27th 2019 [layerslider id=”3″]   You’re dissatisfied with life in our society and want to take a step back? Do you want to give meaning to your life? Are you looking for the peace of a soothed mind? Something in your heart […]

Call for donations for the great ceremonies of Ojukai

Completion of the construction of a Buddhist Monastery WHO ARE WE? We are a Buddhist Monastery  situated near Limoges, in rural South West France. Our name ‘Kanshoji’, means light of compassion. Currently there are more than 20 full-time residents, male and female, between the ages of 18-74, who have come from all over Europe to […]

How to return to the original mind

Master Deshimaru spoke of the true religion. He said: “The religion before religion”, the religion before words and dogmas arose. These are not religions that oppose each other, but those that connect us to the original spirit, those that connect us to each other by what we have in common, beyond points of view and […]