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Everything is the Mind

Master Dogen said: “The mountains and valleys are the true spirit”. It is this same spirit that manifested itself billions of years ago in the form of the Big Bang. It is this same spirit that has been unfolding ever since. Each existence is a manifestation of the original spirit. The mind is the root […]

Respect all forms of life

At Eiheiji, the monastery founded by Master Dogen, flows a river that descends from the mountain. It is said that Master Dogen, when he took water from the river with his ladle, used the quantity he needed and returned to the river what was left of the water in his ladle. Some people don’t understand […]

“Religion of Awakening”

Many people wonder what Buddhism is. Buddhism is a word invented by Westerners. It’s something very abstract. We should rather speak of the Way of the Buddha – Buddha meaning the awakened one, that which is awakened. One could also say, to satisfy the Western mind, that Buddhism is the religion of awakening. What is […]


Conference of Bernard Faure – The Mindfulness

On July 21, the Kanshoji monastery had the honour of welcoming Professor Bernard Faure. Bernard Faure is an academic. Having previously taught at Cornell and Stanford in California, he is currently professor of the history of Asian religions at Columbia University in New York. He is a renowned specialist in Buddhism, particularly in the Chan-Zen […]

All waters return to the great ocean

“All the waters return to the great ocean” : this sentence reflects an absolute truth. Rain, streams, rivers, all waters, whatever their flavours, whatever their tastes, return to the great ocean whose taste is one, unique. All the rivers of the mind flow towards the great ocean of the mind. All forms of the mind […]


Zen arts – June 2018

On June 30 th the ‘Zen Arts’ evening was held; the second ‘Soirée Spectacle’ to take place in the monastery grounds and a great opportunity to discover Zen in its various expressions. During the introduction, the public could discover ikebana (traditional Japanese floral art), practice calligraphy, visit a Zen cooking workshop, or an exhibition of […]

Returning to the source

Kusen of Taiun JP Faure, Kanshoji, July 2012 Returning to the origin, returning to the source of what we are. Recovering the awareness that we are a form of the universe, a fully living form, without relying on our personal power, without relying on our personal knowledge; all this cannot be learned at university. It […]


Spring retreat in Braives, Belgium

As every year, the Association Zen Kanshoji Belgium, which unites the four dojos of Charleroi, Brussels, Leuven and Rixensart, organised a retreat in Braives May 19th – 21st, 2018. Fourty people, including many new practitioners, coming from Belgium (of course), France but also the UK to participate. The retreat was led by Taiun JP Faure, […]


Getting ready for the Ojukai ceremonies

Ojukai is our school’s traditional ceremony through which the the precepts are transmitted to the four assemblies: monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen. It will take place for the first time in Kanshoji, June 1st – 5th, 2019. Several European sanghas will take part in this event, which is essential for the spread of Zen Buddhism […]