The winter ango (training period) started in very good conditions. The Canadian monk, Myoshin Roberto Di Giacomantonio, took up his function as shuso, the first of the monks – the one who guides by his example the 13 other participants.

Rev. Chigen Horiguchi is staying with us for two months to support this ango by taking the position of instructor.

Many European and Japanese masters will come to give teachings during these three months of training; you are all welcome to attend these lectures (click here for more information)

About ango, Dōgen Zenji writes:

Ango is something very precious that cannot be measured or grasped by thought
Zazen, which is the heart, is the visible manifestation, the tangible existence of the Buddhas in this world. So sit in zazen taking the clouds, the mountains, the rivers and the forests for your father, your mother, your brothers and sisters.

The abbott of Kanshoji :

The time of ango is an extraordinary time
that resonates in every moment of life.
During ango, everyone is alone in front of himself and at the same time
together with all the others.
Like a night train carries us
at destination while we sleep,
without noticing,
each one will find him/herself transformed at the end of ango,
because he/she will have followed the liberating practice of the Buddhas.

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