Sommer-Retreats 2024: Anmeldeformular Neuankömmlinge


  • Rates for the summer retreats

    For stays of more than 10 days, prices are based on a sliding scale. Please contact the secretariat at for details.

    If you are on a tight budget, you can ask for a reduction based on your income. Those who can afford it are invited to make a donation.

    Annual membership of AZK (Association Zen Kanshoji)

    - 15€ for the first year,
    - 40€ for the subsequent years.
    This membership is required to stay at the monastery..

  • Dates d'arrivée & départ

    Merci d’indiquer vos dates de séjour.
    - Arrival before 6pm.
    - Minimum stay of 8 nights (*exception 24 July) to be chosen from the dates below, but you may extend your stay if you wish.

    *24 July: Participants in this shorter session will be less integrated into the life of the residents. We recommend that newcomers take part in the other sessions, which last a minimum of 8 days.
  • Personal information

  • * to be filled in

    For all practical information, click here