Sommer-Retreats 2024: Anmeldeformular für Mitglieder


  • Rates for the summer retreats

    For stays of more than 10 days, prices are based on a sliding scale. Please contact the secretariat at for details.

    If you are on a tight budget, you can ask for a reduction based on your income. Those who can afford it are invited to make a donation.

    Annual membership of AZK (Association Zen Kanshoji)

    - 15€ for the first year,
    - 40€ for the subsequent years.
    This membership is required to stay at the monastery..

  • Arrival & departure dates

    Please indicate the dates of your stay.
    - Arrival before 6pm.
    - It is advised to arrive on one of the proposed dates. This would be beneficial for you as well as for the organisation of the summer retreats. If this would not be possible please contact the secretariat to organise your arrival.
  • Personal information

  • * to be filled in

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