There is a saying: “The soul is reflected in the eyes.” The mind is reflected in the eyes. Do not try to catch anything, do not fix your eyes on anything. This is what is meant by to look inside.

There are two ways to look at the world. One is to look outside, to gather information with our six senses. This gives us an image, a representation of reality: this is the ordinary way to look. The other attitude is to look inside: without building images, one gets an impression, a sensation, an intuition, a feeling…Existing, being, without being able to name anything or to make any kind of comment.

It is a different level of consciousness from the one we are familiar with and where we usually function.  A level of consciousness that is not filled with conceptions, with points of view. This is the world of being, while the first case – the ordinary point of view – is the world of having: “I have images, I have points of view, I have interpretations…”

The world of being is the world of mere existence: “I am… even though I cannot say anything about it.” This is a level of consciousness where one does not catch snatches, fragmented images of reality, but where one can experience calm, non-fear, gratitude for the life given to us, love, unity. At this level of consciousness, we can go into the world without fear, without preconceptions, only with an open heart, without limits. It is much more important that accumulating knowledge.

Please, relax the tensions in your mind, let go of all intentions. Touch the majesty of the world, touch the wonder of life, peacefulness, the patience of the universe. This is very far away from this little person who runs about like a mouse in a corner, who has opinions on everything and who in the end turns very nasty.

Taiun JP Faure, December 2020

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