What we must cherish more than anything else is the present moment, which never comes again. It is nothing more than to be standing in the stream of life, to be standing in the eternal now, nothing more than not wasting our life trailing behind in the past or anticipating the future. To be standing in the stream of life that tirelessly repeats its little music: I disappear when I appear, I appear when I disappear.

To live in accordance with the ultimate reality, such is true wisdom. When one lives in this way, giving oneself wholeheartedly to the situation, the problem of life and death is solved. The universe gives us life constantly and we put our life at the service of the whole universe. When our life is at the service of the universe, it fits together with the life of all existences and we show true wisdom. Then our life is meaningful.

When our mind no longer clings to the past, nor projects itself into the future, but gives itself fully to the situation, then our life becomes complete, limitless, it becomes part of the life of the cosmos. This universe where all existences are at the service of one another, live through the others and for the others, this universe is true love.

Wisdom is the other aspect of true love. When we forget ourselves and come back to our true nature, when we awakened to the ultimate reality, the meaning of life becomes obvious. To realize this happens without effort.

To put our life at the service of all existences, this is true wisdom, this is true love, this is the vocation of the human being. To fulfill this vocation, one must aspire to it, one must really want it.

The greatest service one can do for those we meet is to help them awaken, to help them free themselves of the three poisons – ignorance, greed, aversion. One helps other people to awaken and, in their turn, they help others to awaken – and this only by being totally alive, by cherishing the present moment more than anything else.

This is how small brooks everywhere whisper the same little music: I disappear when I appear, I appear when I disappear. This is how little brooks all go back to the great ocean where they come from, without suffering, without fear. Such is the true life of the universe.


Taiun JP Faure, January 2021

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