Kusen of Taiun JP Faure, Kanshoji, July 2012

Returning to the origin, returning to the source of what we are.

Recovering the awareness that we are a form of the universe, a fully living form, without relying on our personal power, without relying on our personal knowledge; all this cannot be learned at university. It is precisely to abandon the crutches of power, the crutches of knowledge, to let go.
Abandon all our fear-related fantasies.

It is quite the opposite to wanting to cling, to wanting to take something from another- that is to say, to learn- it’s the opposite approach. Abandon, give, become Buddha again.

Some people have not even imagined it in their dreams, It is so far from the usual way of functioning.

Return to the dimension of Buddha – a form of the universe which shares the life of the universe, which follows the laws of the universe.
To realise that, open your mind, open your heart, open your hands.
To receive the teaching and education of zen is only learning to give, learning to abandon. How? Just do it! Just let go, just give with all your heart.

Abandon this character of power, this authoritarian character who thinks they know, bristling with intentions, with points of view. Give up all that and become a child of the universe again.

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