When the Buddhas address us, they say: “Good men and women, be true. Don’t tell yourself stories, don’t tell others stories. Good men and women: there’s no flattery, it’s just that your true nature is good. As you are, you are Buddha: this is what Buddha teaches us.

So don’t go and play in the land of the daemon, stay on the land of Buddha, and if you have strayed on the daemon’s land, come back to the land of Buddha. If you have gone astray, men and women of good will, come back to the land of Buddha, don’t keep on lying and cheating, don’t put on the daemon’s clothes, because deep down, you are Buddha.

If you are wrong, admit it. Don’t try to be right when you are wrong. Don’t play that game, it’s a fatal game, don’t persist in your mistakes, don’t assert your mistakes with pride.

Some people boast, saying: “I’m not afraid at all”, while in fact, they are scared to death; don’t play this game. The least of our thoughts, the least word we speak, the least of our actions have consequences. If we keep on following the waves of our karma, one day we are no longer able to come back to the normal condition. The real game of life, the highest of all games is the one where we don’t cheat.

Let’s just not allow ourselves to make mistakes. “I’m only playing!” No, you are only cheating, it’s not the same thing.

Master Deshimaru used to say: “Please, at least once, let go of the role you are acting. Stop acting the avenger or the victim.”

Every day, we chant that the true nature of our mind is the unconceivable freedom and that nothing can confuse our mind. Then, there’s nothing whatsoever to be afraid of.

Good men and women, honour your Buddha dimension, your Buddha nature.

Don’t try to outsmart Buddha, the Wheel of Dharma crushes everything. There is no reason to suffer, to want to suffer. Everything that deviates from our Buddha nature is the cause of suffering.

All the swellings of our ego, all the deformities of our ego, all the monstrous sides of our ego, are crushed by the Wheel of Dharma and this makes us suffer.

Good men and women, men and women of good will, don’t go and play on the land of the daemons, you will only suffer and make the others suffer.

Taiun JP Faure, October 2023

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