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The universe is a shining pearl

Open your eyes, open your ears, open your hands to reality. As Bodhidharma said: “Don’t dig the cave of the daemons of the black mountain.” Don’t close yourself off from reality to pursue your flights of fancy, your imaginations, your suppositions. In a word, stay present to reality. Leave the bubble of mental activity. Let […]

The practice of awakening

Summary of an interview of Jean-Pierre Taiun Faure for the magazine Sagesses Bouddhistes Why is awakening or liberation so difficult to describe? How to describe that which cannot be described? When awakening is realized, we enter the realm of pure existence, the realm of total existence. We totally exist because we are not watching ourselves […]

Don’t let brambles obstruct the way

“Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto…”, sings Mercedes Sosa: Thanks to life that gives me so much, that has given me so much. Some people cannot resolve to enter life without any weapon or armour, just as they are. We could say that Buddhism is a way to live the human condition […]

An invitation to receptiveness

Influenza is infectious, but karma, on the other hand, is not. Each one of us has our own karma. In the case of influenza, something substantial is transmitted. But within the Dharma, nothing substantial is transmitted. Our mind uses excuses. Our neighbour’s practice is not good, so we say to ourselves:  “Why should I make […]

Nothing in the Universe is hidden

A man and his son are coming home at night. They pass a field full of melons. The father says to the son: “I’ll take a few. You’ll keep watch and let me know if anyone comes.” The father goes into the field and picks a few melons. “Do you see anyone coming?” he asks […]

A Life of Integrity

Many people in the West are interested in Zen. Some see Zen as something magical, where one should not have to make any effort. The proposition of Zen is to live one’s life with integrity, to live a life of integrity. When we talk about the integrity of a territory, integrity means totality. From a […]

Be True

When the Buddhas address us, they say: “Good men and women, be true. Don’t tell yourself stories, don’t tell others stories. Good men and women: there’s no flattery, it’s just that your true nature is good. As you are, you are Buddha: this is what Buddha teaches us. So don’t go and play in the […]

A World of Dream

A sutra relates the story of a king who made the following dream: he was a poor man living in absolute destitution who was trying to meet the king of the country to ask him for some help. He was told that the king was over there, so he rushed there, but each time he […]

The right way to think

Not follow thoughts, not avoid thoughts, just don’t worry about it: this is what we do in Zazen. To say that Zen is against thinking is to be a bit hasty. Buddhism is concerned that we use our mind, in all of its forms, in the right way: consciousness, reflection, consideration, thought. Some schools of […]