Influenza is infectious, but karma, on the other hand, is not. Each one of us has our own karma. In the case of influenza, something substantial is transmitted. But within the Dharma, nothing substantial is transmitted.

Our mind uses excuses. Our neighbour’s practice is not good, so we say to ourselves:  “Why should I make an effort?” This is what is happening today in our societies. They are selfish, so I am going to be selfish too. They are violent, so I am going to respond with violence. It is of course the opposite attitude that should drive us. It’s because the world is going badly, because the world is too driven by selfish values, that we have to follow a different direction, that we have to open up to our Buddha dimension, let our Buddha dimension come into our lives, let it take first place.

In the Buddha way, nothing substantial is being transmitted, but we are however invited to be receptive. Be receptive to your Buddha dimension. Let it develop. Don’t use false pretexts for not doing what it is your responsibility to do. Nothing is given, nothing can be received from without. It is through resonance that the Dharma is transmitted, only when we are touched, when we are receptive to the dimension of the absolute, of non-fear, of true love.

Be receptive, open. Get out of all your excuses, all your justifications, all your superstitions.

Buddha is always at work and at some point, we perceive this reality of Buddha, we are touched at the deepest level of ourselves: Buddha touches Buddha, the outer Buddha touches the inner Buddha. We can work on this receptivity by abandoning all our wrong conceptions, all our beliefs, all our stupidity, our greed and our aversion. That’s what we can do.

There is something that does not have to be fabricated, and that is our Buddha dimension, it is always there. Let it develop, to protect it. Content yourself to cherish it as we are doing right now.

Like a mother at the bedside of her sick child, waiting for health to return to her child, giving them all her love. This is our practice.

To cherish the Buddha child within us, to allow them to grow, keeping all the demons at bay.

Taiun JP Faure, February 2024


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