Don’t go back into the past stirring up cold ashes to find the truth.

Don’t mistake dreams of the future for reality either – for the living, warm reality, reality that is always here, that pulses. This is a choice to make: to be here together as the day is rising, as nature is wakening. Life is here; simple and quiet. No need to stir up our suffering, our mistakes all the time. A Sufi poet once wrote:

Some human beings listen to the silence of God,
others to the noise of the Devil.

This a choice to make.

Protect the silence. Keep the silence – the real silence, the silence of the intellect. To hear the heart speak. One can say: to hear the heart speak, to hear nature speak, to hear God speak – the words don’t matter. The practice is that of keeping silent, no matter which words are chosen.

Victor Hugo used to say:

Nature speaks to us, but we don’t here it.

This is because our personal noise is too loud.

The silence of a human being attracts the silence of God, the silence of the Absolute, the silence of the Unknowable.

At the source, there is silence, there is light.

Taiun JP Faure, July 2022

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