Sesshin* & Teaching

General Assembly of the association

from 5 until 8 May 2023

During this session, we inaugurate a new formula: zazen, seminar and General Assembly of the association.

This session will be led by Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure.

During this session we will do zazen morning and evening.
Yoko Orimo, a specialist of Master Dogen, will give a seminar on the theme of Awakening. The workshops will take place during the day.
The General Assembly of the Kanshoji Zen Association will also take place during this period.

Here is the programme for this session:

Thursday May 4: arrival in the afternoon

Friday 5: zazen and workshops

Saturday 6: zazen and workshop in the morning
General Assembly in the afternoon
zazen in the evening

Sunday 7:   zazen and workshops

Monday May 8 (holiday): zazen, workshop

Departure after lunch

If you can’t come to the whole session, you can choose the dates that suit you.
We will be very happy to welcome you to this new format session.

For first-time participants, it is necessary to arrive on the 4th. A specific supervision is foreseen for the new practitioners.

*(sesshin in Japanese: retreat, “touching the mind”)



Sesshin & Teaching May 2023

    Arrival : Thursday May 4th between 3 and 6pm
    Departure: Monday May 8th after lunch.
    Place indicate your dates below.
  • Payment for your stay is made on the day of arrival, in cash or by cheque.

    Annual membership to the AZK (Association Zen Kanshoji)
    - 15€ the first year,
    - 40€ the following years.
    This membership is necessary to stay at the monastery.

  • Those with a small budget can apply for a reduction according to their income.
    Those who can are invited to make a donation.

  • The retreat is silent.

  • Arrival : Friday May 5th between 3pm and 6pm.
    Departure : Monday May 8th after lunch.

  • * to be filled in