A lay retreat

You want to give meaning to your life, you are looking for a spiritual path. Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic or of any faith whatsoever, you are welcome to this retreat.

Every human being aspires to the absolute. It is to this aspiration that religions try to respond. Zen, a spiritual path, without resorting to dogmas or beliefs, proposes to experience the boundless absolute directly – what Master Taisen Deshimaru called “the religion before religion”.

During this week, you will share the daily life of the residents of the monastery, a monastery that is nothing more than a school of life.

You will be accompanied by experienced practitioners. They will help you to discover this spiritual path through all of its aspects:

– Meditation without object
– Ritualised activities
– Tasks necessary for community life
– Moments of meeting and sharing

Teachings transmitted over the centuries by Zen masters will be given by Taiun master Jean-Pierre Faure, abbot of the monastery.

This lay retreat to discover Zen is intended for people who are not yet familiar with this spiritual path.



Price: 100 € for the week + 10 € membership to The Kanshoji Zen Association.
This price is for beginners visiting Kanshoji for the first time and participating in the retreat in its entirety. The price is comprehensive; it includes accommodation, food, training and teaching.


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