Led by Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure


A silent retreat * in homage of Buddha’s awakening.

Every year, in each temple, the nuns and monks commemorate Buddha’s awakening, reliving his experience, sat in zazen. The Buddha’s awakening retreat * unfolds in silence, facing oneself. The 30 min zazen follow one another and alternate with kin-hin. It ends with a great ceremony in honour of Buddha’s awakening.

* In Japanese: sesshin, “to touch the mind”


Buddha's Awakening Retreat 2023

    Payment for your stay is made on the day of arrival, in cash or by cheque.

    Annual membership to the AZK (Association Zen Kanshoji)
    - 15€ the first year,
    - 40€ the following years.
    This membership is necessary to stay at the monastery.
  • Those with a small budget can apply for a reduction according to their income.
    Those who can are invited to make a donation.

  • The retreat is silent.

  • Arrival : Monday December 4th between 3 and 6pm.
    Departure : Sunday December 10th after lunch.

  • * to be filled in