Opening to the World

The three poisons

– ignorance, greed and aversion – rule the world…
They are manifested in the form of unbridled consumerism which destroys the planet, fanaticism, violence and war

Inadequacy of the political response

Given the scope and depth of the problem, political leaders are helpless:
the solution lies in the heart of every human being


Human beings have a thirst for the absolute, for liberation, love and wisdom.
All can be selfless, generous, willing to help and to share…

Buddha’s response

A new society must emerge, where every form of life is respected,
where individualism recedes, leaving room for mutual support and sharing.
Everyone of us is responsible for the state of the world. As such, the Way is a practice: the practice of awakening,
in which everyone turns their gaze inward, to see and to free themselves from the three poisons.
Through this practice, we reach true compassion and wisdom,
critical given the state of the world. Thus we help all existences.