Couture du kesa

From 4 to 10 August (arrival on 3 August)

Only those who receive the precepts in the next session (“Receiving the precepts”, 12-18 August) can participate in this workshop.

The sewing workshop ends on August 10 after lunch.

The kesa is the Buddha’s garment. Originally, Shakyamuni Buddha collected old rags, washed and dyed them with earth – kesa means “earth colour” -, assembled them meticulously point by point, and then put them on. The rakusu, transmitted when the precepts are received, is based on the same very precise rules derived from tradition.
The kesa has since been passed on from master to disciple.

The sewing of the kesa follows very precise rules derived from tradition.
You generally sew it yourself, under the guidance of a teacher, in great concentration, which comes from the mind of zazen.


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