Led by Taiun JP Faure

During this retreat, cut off from our daily environment, we forget our usual preoccupations and devote ourselves to the spiritual practice: to return to a deeply peaceful, available, open mind.

Zazen is the root practice that continues in all activities of daily life. Teachings are given during meditation, at meetings or in question and answer sessions.

Specific guidance is provided for new practitioners.


November retreat 2022

    Smaller budgets can ask for a reduction according to their income. Those who can are invited to make a donation.

    Your stay is to be paid on the day of arrival, in cash or by check.

  • During the retreat it is recommended to remain silent.

  • Arrival : Thursday November 17th between 3pm and 6pm.
    Departure : Sunday November 20th after lunch.
    If you have a kit of bowls, please bring it with you.
  • * to be filled in