All the practical information…


6.00    Wake up

6.30    Zazen (meditation)

7.45    Ceremony

8.00    Traditional breakfast

8.45    Activities :

– teachings
– meeting with elder monks and nuns
– cleaning of your room
– outdoor activities in the service of the community

12.30    Lunch


15.00    Zazen (meditation)

16.00    Free time or activities

18.30    Dinner

20.15    Zazen (meditation)

22.00   Bedtime

  • Bring with you

A pair of slippers, a pair of outdoor shoes that are easy to put on and take off, comfortable dark clothes (if you do not have a kimono), used clothes for outdoor work.

retreat is a time to withdraw from our usual preoccupations and to turn our gaze inward. So that this retreat is fully beneficial, thank you for not using your phone or tablet. In case of emergency, your family can reach you by calling the switchboard of the monastery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

  • Sanitary rules

It is strongly recommended to follow the barrier gestures, including wearing a mask, within the monastery. On your arrival, we will provide you with an antigenic self-test which you will be asked to complete.

  • Bed linen

If you wish, we can provide them for 4€.