The kesa is the clothing of Buddha. Originally Shakyamuni Buddha collected old rags, washed and dyed them with earth – kesa means “earth colour” -, carefully assembled them point by point, and then put them on.
The kesa has since been handed down from master to disciple.

The sewing of the kesa obeys very precise rules stemming from tradition.
One generally sews it oneself, in a great concentration stemming from the mind of zazen.

This workshop is open to anyone who thinks they will one day receive the precepts of Buddhism or become a monk.




Kesa Sewing - August 5-9 2021

  • Arrival : evening of Wednesday August 4th. Departure : Monday August 9th after lunch.
    Due to the sanitary situation, it is no longer possible to stay in a dormitory. Everyone is accommodated in a single room, which reduces our accommodation capacity and therefore our financial resources. An average single rate is offered. Those with a small budget can ask for a reduction. Those with sufficient means can give more.
  • Payments

    With an international transfer : IBAN FR76 42559 10000 08013177575 34 /
    We apologize we cannot receive your payments by credit card.

    * Please indicate the dates of your stay (between August 5th & August 9th)
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