Receiving the precepts is the first step on the Buddhist way. One then becomes a bodhisattva, “a being who practices enlightenment” and thus helps all existences to liberate themselves.
During this retreat, teachings will be given on the main aspects of bodhisattva practice:
  • Taking refuge in the Three Treasures – Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.
  • Repentance: acknowledging without guilt the infinity of our small dysfunctions.
  • Receiving the precepts.
On August 13, the great ceremony of entering into the Way will take place.
Whether you wish to enter the Buddha-Way and receive the precepts, or support those who will receive the precepts, you are all welcome to attend this session.



– For those who wish to receive the precepts, registration is done by contacting the secretariat at ;

– For those who come to practice without receiving the precepts, registration is done through the Summer Retreats registration form.


Single fee for the session (5 days): 175€ (for those who receive the precepts)

Smaller budgets can ask for a reduction according to their income (on presentation of proof).


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