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Question : I often hear that zen is rigorous.

Answer:  Rigour is a steadfast mind. When we do something, all kinds of thoughts appear in our mind, but we let them pass and we stay in direct contact with the real thing. Being rigorous is not clenching our teeth or being a fascist. On the contrary, it is to be utterly kind, attentive, generous. […]

Question : What is the difference between rebirth and reincarnation?

Answer: When we talk about reincarnation, there is a notion of an eternal entity, a soul that would enter the body at one point, and leave it at death. A soul is embodied and disembodied. That is not the buddhist point of view, even if some Buddhists use it, because a lot of people are […]

Absorbing ourselves wholeheartedly

Our society is not doing very well. Some people are lost, the meaning of life has been lost by many. What is the meaning of our life? Is it about being wealthy, wearing fancy shoes? Is it being admired? Some people tell me: “I don’t have time to practise. I don’t have enough money, I […]